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On Sunday, I wrote about the Miller Amendment to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Act, an amendment that would put into law some of the most comprehensive protections against political interference to date. I noted that the amendment had been stalled by the Republican leadership but should be voted on sometime soon. Well, Michael Stebbins of Sex Drugs & DNA reports this evening that the amendment came up for a vote in the House Science Committee today and was solidly voted down by the Republican majority. In fact, while all Democrats voted for it, all Republicans voted against it. Read the full story here.

Sure, the Republicans don’t hate science… sure they don’t….


  1. #1 Stephen Uitti
    June 20, 2006

    NOAA, where science gains value. – the NOAA podcasts.

    I consider myself a hard line conservative. From the Republican perspective, i’m a liberal flaming with nuclear fire. Are a hundred million people wrong? They are also probably running Windows. By choice.

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