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HR 810 Passes in Senate

I’m on vacation right now, but I had to come out of hiding for this one. HR 810 passed in the senate today, 63-37. That was enough to meet the 60 vote mark for passage, but it won’t be enough (four votes short) to override the presidential veto that Bush is still promising. The future of stem cell research in America still very much hangs in the balance.


  1. #1 thomas Barta
    July 19, 2006

    Could be time for “red staters” to write their Senators to get them to ignore the drooling Fundamentalists and vote to over-ride the veto.

  2. #2 Daniel DiRito
    July 19, 2006

    To see the stem cell debate explained with visuals and how the political argument put forth by the President is ultimately an absurd manipulation of the facts…link here:


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