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It’s on now. Janet of Adventures in Ethics and Science has challenged us all to a nerd-off. It doesn’t look like David Bowie is going to be there, but, hell, we can do better. Maybe James Watson? Anyways, here’s the challenge:

Perhaps not every ScienceBlogger is hot, but almost all of them are nerds. The time has come to see just how high those geek flags fly.

It’s time for a nerd-off.

OK, I’ll throw my towel into the ring. How’s this for size: science-themed valentines. Back in my undergraduate days, one of my friends, Jen Dulin, came up with a way for scientists around the world to express their love more… well… scientifically. From that day on, valinetines (named after the amino acid valine) became an annual tradition that hasn’t stopped since. Here’s one from Jen:

If I could draw a structure of our love,
I’d draw it in Lewis dot.
Fuck the Fischer projections, baby,
Cause your lone pair gets me so hot.


  1. #1 boojieboy
    September 6, 2006

    I’d like to fornix your infundibulum
    thrust my medial forebrain bundle into your anterior commissure
    tap your lateral hypothalamus with my occipital pole
    Make you scream “ah, my god, allah!”

    /neuro geek

  2. #2 megan
    September 6, 2006

    Well, I’m not a science blogger, but my friends told me I have to stop revealing that I used the pythagorean theorem to figure out where to place my bed in my new bedroom (bay windows = small triangle formed by top third of bed and window frame, needed to calculate how far the bed would hang out into the rest of the room).

  3. #3 Nick Anthis
    September 6, 2006

    Nice. Very nice.

  4. #4 Pixie
    September 7, 2006

    Being a chemist postgrad, i have to say that the valinetine melted my heart 🙂 Awesome

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