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Politics, Wild West Style

Here’s some election news from back home in Texas–specifically, from the district where my mother lives, just south of Austin, Texas. From the Burnt Orange Report:

This just in from Hays County.

Former Republican [State] Rep. Rick Green who was taken down by Patrick Rose in 2002, apparently got a little upset over a Rose mailer that had his face superimposed on this year’s Republican nominee Jim Neuhaus (as Green is deeply involved in running the Neuhaus campaign).

So upset that Rick Green drove up to the polling location that Patrick Rose was at a punched him in the face, catching him off guard….

Apparently there is an all-point bulletin out in Hays County for the arrest of Rick Green.

Republican values in action?

Patrick Rose has been an excellent addition to the Texas State House of Representatives since he won a tough race in 2002. His story was the center of a PBS documentary about the 2002 elections in Texas, called Last Man Standing, and in the face of enormous Democratic failures across the board, the story of his election was quite inspirational.

It’s a shame that Republican Rick Green would decide to physically attack someone who has been such a positive force in Texas politics. I haven’t seen any polls from this race, but hopefully the voters–who have largely been very happy with Patrick Rose, from what I have gathered talking to locals–will reelect Rose once again.

Update: More details from the Austin American-Statesman:

Jackie Whalen, a witness to the incident, said she was standing in line to vote when she saw Rose and Green standing and talking between two vehicles. She said she saw Green push Rose against an SUV and then punch him in the face.

“Patrick Rose looked like he was trying to get away and then a bunch of men came over and pulled Rick Green off,” Whalen said. “He continued trying to go after him and kept shouting ‘You need to stop lying’ and ‘Let him defend himself, the big baby.'”

Rose said he was not hurt.

“Next time I see Rick, I’ll remember to keep my left up,” he said.

The Austin American-Statesman reports that no arrests were made, so I’m not sure whether that conflicts with the above report that there is a warrant out for Rick Green.