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A Shout Out for The Scientific Activist

The Scientific Activist received a shout out yesterday in the latest issue of the Ventura County Reporter in Sandra Sorenson’s article stressing the continued importance of blogs and how they likely contributed to Time Magazine’s recent Person of the Year announcement:

However you view Time Magazine’s decision to name every somewhat cognizant citizen “Person of the Year” a cop-out, flattering the deadline-burdened staff got something right: There is increasingly active dialog between the average citizen and the mainstream media. And it isn’t always amicable….

But what of the blog, that friendly little online diary once heralded as the new journalism? Two-thousand-six wasn’t exactly 2004, when Merriam-Webster chose “blog” as its word of the year and made it a legitimate dictionary entry.

Lest you think that online video streaming has made the blog look stodgy, know that 2006 saw Texas A&M alum Nick Anthis get NASA press officer George C. Deutsch fired by publishing some alarming allegations on his blog, Scientific Activist. Presidential appointee Deutsch had lied about his résumé, fudging the fact that he had actually never graduated from Texas A&M.


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    December 29, 2006

    That’s a great article!

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    April 21, 2007

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