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i-cc3493a309d414de3c18eb8e381a766b-Open-Laboratory-cover-image.gifBora Zivkovic of A Blog Around the Clock announced this morning that the first ever anthology of science blogging, The Open Laboratory: The Best Writing on Science Blogs 2006 is now available for purchase. At the website of the publisher, Lulu, you can either purchase a paperback copy or download the entire volume. Since it spans an impressive 336 pages, however, I would suggest the former.

Bora deserves a round of applause for undertaking the monumental task of editing this anthology, and doing so in a phenomenally short amount of time. Hundreds of posts were nominated, but fifty made the cut into the final volume. The selections are incredibly diverse, and the book should make for interesting reading. I’m certainly looking forward to delving into my copy when it arrives.

The Scientific Activist has the privilege of being among the fifty science blogs represented in The Open Laboratory with my series of posts in which I outed Bush administration appointee and NASA science censor George Deutsch, leading to his immediate resignation. Although I would argue that this series does not represent my best writing by any means, it was certainly the most significant thing The Scientific Activist accomplished in 2006, and it was a great example of the power of the blog.

The three posts have been condensed and edited to form one consistent narrative with three sections: “The Problem”, “The Revelation”, and “The Resignation”. In that sense, even my own entry offers the reader something not available on the web.

Thanks for your hard work, Bora!


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