The Scientific Activist

This announcement is related to another bigger one that’s coming in just a few hours.

Six Apart (who runs MovableType, the blogging platform we use at ScienceBlogs) is giving away $30 philanthropic gift certificates for use on DonorsChoose. The only catch is that you have to contact Six Apart by noon today (Monday, October 1st)!

At DonorsChoose, teachers submit short proposals for classroom projects that need funding, giving potential donors a wide array of worthy causes to contribute to. Today is also the beginning of the 2007 DonorsChoose Bloggers Challenge, but there will be more on that later. Six Apart is one of the sponsors and will be giving awards to some of the bloggers who make the greatest impact. If you do manage to request a gift certificate in time, though, I can certainly think of at least one suggestion for where to spend it.