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Just over a year ago, I joined fellow science bloggers Shelley Batts (Of Two Minds) and Tara Smith (Aetiology) in setting out to catalogue the accomplishments–and pitfalls–of the scientific blogosphere and to explain why people should pay attention. In a sense, we wanted to say “We are the science bloggers; hear us roar!” And, in…

Do You Work on E. Coli?

If so, you should check out EcoliWiki, which you might find a useful resource, and you might even find yourself compelled to contribute some of your knowledge to it. Since I’m already blogging about E. coli today, I thought I would also bring up an interesting project I found out about earlier this week. I’m…

The Future of the Internet

This evening, I was watching The Colbert Report–a show that, along with The Daily Show, I’ve been enjoying much more frequently lately since they began posting full (free and internationally-available) episodes online–and I stumbled across this interview from last night’s show with Jonathan Zittrain, a professor of internet law at Oxford: