Page 3.14 Nominated for a Webby!

Seed‘s daily science news aggregator,, has been nominated for a Webby Award in the category of ‘Best Navigation/Structure.’

Designed for Seed by artist Jonathan Harris, phylotaxis is based on the mathematical elegance of the Fibonacci Sequence, and the ordered growth of leaves on a plant stem. The appearance of the phylotaxis represents the integration of science’s rationality and order with culture’s energy and unpredictability. Result? A stunning visual arrangement continuously gathering and transmitting science news as it breaks on the web.

Bestowed annually since 1996, the Webby Awards honor what’s exceptional and high-quality on the net: Time magazine has called Webbies “the Online Oscars.”

Your vote can help phylotaxis make a splash on the digital red carpet.



  1. #1 Scott
    April 13, 2006

    Very nice.

    However, I do wish you’d resisted what seems to be an unfortunate trend toward using low-contrast text (in your case, light gray on white). If ambient lighting or screen cleanliness is less than ideal, I find that this sort of thing becomes frustrating to read.

    But I do like the Brownian motion. 🙂