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Seed Boston Dinner: Photo Album

On Tuesday, April 4, Boston-area Seed friends and contributors gathered for dinner and conversation at Cambridge’s Oleana restaurant.

Seed founder and editor-in-chief Adam Bly hosted the event. Steven Pinker, Seth Lloyd, Irene Pepperberg, Jonah Lehrer, Karl Iagnemma, and Alex Palazzo were some of the guests in attendance at dinner, an event designed to connect friends of Seed throughout the area.

“The idea” of the evening, writes attendee Palazzo on his blog, The Daily Transcript, “was to throw together scientists from various disciplines and Seed contributors, and observe the resulting chemical reaction.”

Photos and captions follow.


Adam Bly, Seed Media Group, talks with Harvard University Professor and The Language Instinct author Steven Pinker


(Left to right) Karl Iagnemma, MIT; Pardis Sabeti, MIT Broad Institute; Lisa Randall, Harvard University


Seth Lloyd, MIT, and Lisa Randall

i-007fea857a2e5840955f5591cb71ed51-dinner table.jpg

Dinner scene (clockwise from left foreground) Amy Salzhauer, Ignition Ventures; Jennifer Wan; Alex Palazzo, Harvard University; Irene Pepperberg, Harvard University; Dan Gilbert, Harvard University; Jonah Lehrer, Seed; Max Tegmark, MIT; Ben Fry, MIT Media Lab; Drew Endy, MIT


(Left to right) Angelica de Oliveira-Costa, MIT; Max Tegmark, MIT


(Left to right) Irene Pepperberg, Harvard University; Dan Gilbert, Harvard University; Adam Bly


(Left to right) Laura McNeil, Seed; Jessica Banks, MIT; Aaron Edsinger, MIT


(Left to right) Amy Salzhauer, Ignition Ventures; public interest lawyer Jennifer Wan; Alex Palazzo