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Archives for April, 2006

I’m not the first here to post about it, but sharpen your pencils, because Seed Magazine has just announced its first annual nonfiction science-writing contest. The instructions ask people to write an essay, in 2000 words or less, about the future of science in America, and what the country can do to preserve and leverage…

The Best Science Books, Ever

I’m between books right now. As an inveterate reader, this makes me feel antsy and unmoored. I want to get my hands on something good–and specifically, I’m thinking of going on a science-book spree. The science-books-for-laypeople genre is one that I haven’t explored as much as I would like. (Bloggers–any recommendations? Can we put together…

Check Out the New Seed Blog

Welcome to Stochastic, the new in-house blog from Seed Media Group. This is the place where Seed editors weigh in about matters great and small. In case the launch passed you by unawares, check the link back to the first entry, which will give you a clue what we’re all about.