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This week, I’ll post the Ask A ScienceBlogger question early, before the roundup. Here’s the query that the ScienceBloggers will be mulling over this week. Look for their answers, accumulating until Wednesday:

“Do you think there is a brain drain going on (i.e. foreign scientists not coming to work and study in the U.S. like they used to, because of new immigration rules and the general unpopularity of the U.S.) If so, what are its implications? Is there anything we can do about it?”


  1. #1 Scott
    June 5, 2006

    Hmmm … you did say back in April that …

    We’re sorry. Seed knows (and loves) that we have readers all over the world

    Put the US-centric blinders on again just for this post?? 🙂

    It also strikes me as an eccentric definition of “brain drain” that’s being used. A brain drain in reference to country A normally refers to people from country A leaving that country, not to people from country B coming to country A in smaller numbers than in the past.