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Earlier this month, ScienceBloggers Jake Young of Pure Pedantry and Shelley Batts of Retrospectacle got to talking about how, given how many neuro-philes now blog at Sb, it could be fun to start a homegrown neuroscience blog carnival.

Jake picked up the ball and ran, organizing most of Sb’s other neuro-bloggers and a healthy handful of bloggers from outside the network to create the first edition of the brand-new neuroscience carnival. The ScienceBloggers agreed on the name ‘The Synapse’ (also-rans included ‘Organ of Destiny,’ ‘Wider Than the Sky,’ and the utilitarian ‘Carnival of Neuroscience’). Jake created a permanent archive page for The Synapse, with submission guidelines and an archive of all editions of the carnival.

Karmen Franklin of Chaotic Utopia designed a logo button for the series, and the first edition of the Synapse went up on Jake’s blog on Sunday, June 25th.

ScienceBlogs contributors included Jake Young, Shelley Batts, and Karmen Franklin, as well as Coturnix of A Blog Around the Clock, Joseph of The Corpus Callosum, Evil Monkey of Neurotopia, and Dave Ng of The World’s Fair. They were joined by Ben P of the eponymous blog, Murky Thoughts, The Neurophilosopher, Steve at OmniBrain, and Jose Kissell at Interesting Thing of the Day.

The Synapse will be held bi-weekly, hosted by a different blogger each week. Contributors are asked to submit their best recent neuroscience-related post; Jake and Shelley hope that the carnival will collect the cream of the web’s neuroscience blogging in one place for easier consumption–because, says Jake, “no one, not even us, has enough time to read every neuroscience article on the web.”

The next Synapse will be hosted by Coturnix at A Blog Around the Clock on July 9.

The Synapse is listed, along with over 350 other carnivals, at