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A few tender morsels of readability to get your weekend started out right:

  • “Creationist Turkey should not be let into the EU!”

    “The headline says, Evolution Less Accepted in U.S. Than Other Western Countries, Study Finds, but here is the money shot: ‘The only country included in the study where adults were more likely than Americans to reject evolution was Turkey.'”

  • “A day at the Stevens County Fair”

    PZ goes to the county fair and posts his pictures so you can vicariously experience every display there! From beasts to vegetables to a big blue machine which may or may not be a Swine Fecal Matter Compactor and Launcher, everything is presented for you to see and enjoy!

  • “Friday Sprog Blogging: take a breath”

    “The elder Free-Ride offspring had a bit of a meltdown after dinner. Witness the calming effects of science” as Dr. Free-Ride’s better half turns a meltdown into a science lesson on the air we breathe.

  • “Terrorism and Irrational Fear

    “Why is terrorism so frightening? After all, if you just look at the numbers, being blown-up on an airplane is far less likely than dying in a car crash on the way to the grocery store.” Jonah Lehrer explores exactly why it is that people fear terrorism so greatly, yet they don’t fear drowning in bathtubs, the odds of which are only slightly less.