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New Blog: The Scientific Indian

Not only is it a temperate, low-humidity day in New York City, but it’s a beautiful day in cyberspace as well, because today ScienceBlogs has welcomed the 48th member of its community of blogs.

The Scientific Indian, written by Selva, won “Best Science/Technology Indiblog” in the Indibloggies awards of 2005. The blog’s tagline is “Science as a Way of Life.” Writes Selva,

I make my living writing software. For personal enjoyment I read science and experiment with it as a way of life. But I am not a scientist. That puts me in the convenient disposition where I can talk science and blame my credentials for any scientific sloppiness. So, I’ll talk about science as I see it and live it and you can blame my credentials for all the sloppiness.

The Scientific Indian has moved from its old home,, a well-established site which still houses a great deal of other science content, including a science-fiction contest, a blog carnival, and a feature called “The Kitchen.”

Hop on over and visit The Scientific Indian in its new home!


  1. #1 Selva
    August 15, 2006

    Thank you, Katherine. I had to cover my rear with that excuse above for sloppiness as I am surrounded now by excellent science minds. Fun to be here.