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Quick Picks on Science Blogs, August 14

  • “Smacking down more lies about Plan B”

    “It’s really not that hard to understand, but what’s blocking acceptance are the amazing lies people say about Plan B emergency contraception.” PZ sets it straight, here.

  • “The real Heathrow story….”

    From A Blog Around the Clock: “Shakes has the quickest, clearest summary (with good additional links) about what happened at Heathrow last week, how media lied to you yet again, and who picked the timing and why.”

  • “HIV and responsible journalism”

    Tara Smith of Aetiology: “If I could have been at this week’s conference for one session, it would have been this morning’s symposium on AIDS denial and responsible journalism.” See also Hannah Hoag’s post on the same session, on Sb’s special temporary “AIDS at 25” blog.

  • “Innumerate Fundamentalists and Pi”

    From Good Math, Bad Math: “The stupidity and innumeracy of Americans, and in particular American fundamentalists, never ceases to astound me.”

  • “Advice: “Am I enabling plagiarism?””

    “From time to time I get emails asking for advice dealing with situations that just don’t feel right,” writes Janet at Adventures in Ethics and Science. Readers ask, Janet answers: It’s ScienceBlogs’ version of the New York Times’ beloved Sunday ‘The Ethicist’ column.


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