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Quick Picks on ScienceBlogs, August 21

Read ’em while they’re hot!

  • “A question for neuroscientists: getting nowhere fast”

    Kevin Beck at Doc Bushwell’s Chimpanzee Refuge has a question for the neurologically informed: why does running on a treadmill immediately before running outdoors, make Kevin feel like he’s “running on the moon (at least in terms of how I imagine this would feel), with the ground seeming to scroll beneath me at a rate discordant with my actual forward speed.”

  • “The Synapse #5”

    From Retrospectacle: “Welcome to the 5th edition of The Synapse, ScienceBlog’s home-grown carnival on all things Neuro! Glad to see this carnival, much like a precocious child or bad hair day, is growing up and gaining a life of its own.”

  • “The real history of traditional Chinese medicine”

    Orac points to an item of interest: “Wallace Sampson tells us the real history of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Much of TCM, it turns out, isn’t as “traditional” as it is sold as being.”

  • “Brazil’s Independence From Foreign Oil: Doubting the Skeptics”

    From the Corpus Callosum: “The Washington Post today has an article on Brazil’s milestone achievement: this year, their oil exports will equal or exceed their imports. This is significant for a few reasons. For one, it shows that it can be done, at least in one sizable country. Although the fact that they were able to do it does not prove that we could do it too, it does indicate that we could be doing a lot better than we are. “

  • “Et tu, Francis Collins?”

    From Pharyngula: “The Raw Story reveals that D. James Kennedy of Coral Ridge Ministries will be a hosting a program that blames Darwin for Hitler.”