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ScienceBlogs’ Dr. Charles hosts the 100th edition of the venerable weekly medical blog carnival, Grand Rounds, at The Examining Room or Dr. Charles.

From the introduction:

Grand Rounds Turns 100! Originally conceived by Dr. Nicholas Genes, the weekly linkfest celebrating the highlights of the medical blogosphere has reached its 100th edition. Intended to introduce the wider world to the growing medical blogosphere (doctors, nurses, students, administrators, EMTs, techs, and patients who blog), Grand Rounds has blossomed into a phenomenon noticed by The LA Times, Web MD, and Instapundit to name a few. For this the 100th edition I’d like to throw down a cool 57 links, an inclusive orgy of medical goodness, only tolerable in such gluttonous proportions once in a lifetime. Behold today’s display of medblogging largesse, hereby called Grand Rounds #100, hot off the press.

Head over and give it a look-see.