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“Zuska” is the kick-ass alter ego of Suzanne E. Franks, a chronically educated, unfailingly feminist commentator who has the distinction of holding both a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering, and a graduate certificate in womens’ studies.

Thus Spake Zuska has moved from its old home, here, to its new space on ScienceBlogs. Here’s what Zuska has to say about herself:

Zuska, Goddess of Science, Empress of Engineering, and Avenging Angel of Angry Women, will tell you what everyone is thinking but is afraid to say.
I offer the web’s most excellent and informative rants on the intransigent refusal of engineering and science to open their doors to anyone but white males. I verbally bludgeon morons, celebrate the fabulousness of techie women, and encourage every female to release her Inner Pissed-Off Woman.

I have done hard time as an engineer and a scientist, in academia and industry, at the bench and in administration. I am a certified feminist.
I am chronically educated, with many engineering degrees from fancy universities. You can read all the exciting details here.

When not enraged by the morons of science and engineering, I occasionally like to talk about what Samuel Florman famously called the existential pleasures of engineering and science. Also occasionally, I castigate and deride members of the Intelligent Design Schoolhouse Crusade for Christ movement.

I heartily enjoin you to keep an eye on this newest member of the ScienceBlogs family.