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Categories: Brain & Behavior, Philosophy of Science

At Neurotopia, brains are always on the menu! Your host,”Evil Monkey,” serves up a heaping portion of the latest neuroscience news, plus a side of social commentary expertly seasoned with action potentials and cognitive functions. The fare here is garnished with general thoughts on science, ethics, and evolution, and chased by a sickeningly-sweet understanding of human behavior. The pseudonymous author of Neurotopia holds a PhD in neuroscience, often gives vent to his politically progressive tendencies, and believes that a thorough, sensible, biology/brain-based understanding of human behavior will increase our effectiveness at addressing the problems we face as a society.

No Se Nada
Categories: Planet Earth, Policy & Politics

Kevin Vranes holds a PhD in oceanography and climate from Columbia University. He has served as a science advisor on the personal staff of a US Senator from the Pacific Northwest. Now he combines science and politics at a science policy center in Colorado. In his spare time, Kevin is a serious ultimate Frisbee player and outdoorsperson (wilderness survival, bowhunting, animal tracking, foraging for edible plants, etc.) No Se Nada is about the collision of science and society and how that collision propagates through culture, the media, and decision-making and political circles. It focuses on matters of Earth science in general, natural hazards, geology, energy and climate in particular.

Categories: Biology, Culture Wars

PZ Myers is a biology professor at the University of Minnesota, Morris, a small liberal arts university in the rural Midwest. His specialties are developmental biology (mainly), and neuroscience. On Pharyngula, he writes about the growing evo-devo revolution, strange invertebrates, and the corruption of education by creationists. He also rails against religiosity and rants about Republicans.

Pure Pedantry
Categories: Brain & Behavior, Medicine

Jake Young is an MD/PhD student at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, where he focuses on neuroscience. He is due to graduate in 2032. Jake received a BS and a MS in Biological Sciences from Stanford University – where he spent most of his time drinking heavily and building vegetable catapults instead of learning information that would now be eminently useful. When he is not failing terrifically to perform his sworn duties, he enjoys ethnic food, watching bad movies, and running. Pure Pedantry is a blog about neuroscience, general science, medicine, and scientific culture. It also explores important issues like why Gary Busey continues to get work, and, why — in a municipality with perhaps 2 million single women — Jake cannot get a date.

The Questionable Authority
Categories: Biology, Policy & Politics

Mike Dunford is a graduate student and teaching assistant in the Department of Zoology at the University of Hawaii, Manoa, which is also where he received his
bachelor’s degree. When he’s not blogging or playing with his family (wife, son, daughter, cat, and dog), he’s studying the genetic mechanisms involved in the formation of new species. Mike’s current research focuses on several species of Drosophila found only in the Hawaiian Islands, but he’s also done some work with coral and with a Hawaiian population of feral rock wallabies. The Questionable Authority discusses biology, particularly evolutionary biology, population genetics, conservation biology, and conservation genetics, and how these areas become involved in public policy. Because the author is an evolutionary biologist and Panda’s Thumb contributor, the creation-evolution debate is also a common feature here. Other topics include science education and graduate student life.