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  • WNYC – Radio Lab: Musical Language (April 21, 2006)
    Check out at least the first four minutes of this. You’ll learn first-hand that a looped recording of speech takes on a musical quality, to the point where you can’t hear it as anything but song. Wow. (via CV)
  • Homo floresiensis: Two Years Out
    Carl Zimmer looks back on two hobbit-filled years.
  • The Long Zoom
    Spore is coming; hide your heart, girl. And prepare to fulfill your wildest God-complex.
  • The Meissner Effect – super conductor
    A superconducting magnet produces internal currents to cancel an externally imposed magnetic field. Watch the awesome result.
  • LN2 + Nalgene = …
    And while we’re on the subject of liquid nitrogen…

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