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Archives for November, 2006

This time around, we’re talking to Jonah Lehrer of The Frontal Cortex. What’s your name? Jonah Lehrer What do you do when you’re not blogging? I pretty much live inside a gaggle of words. I spend my entire day either writing or reading so I can write more. HBO and Netflix are my main escapes.…

Ask A ScienceBlogger, November 24

What’s the funniest lab accident you’ve ever had?

Ask a ScienceBlogger, November 17

Who would you nominate for Scientist Laureate, if such a position existed?

Ask a ScienceBlogger, November 10

What are the best pickup lines for scientists and science-savvy folk?

The North Carolina Science Blogging Conference will be held Saturday, January 20, 2007 in Chapel Hill, NC. This is a free, open and public event for scientists, educators, students, journalists, bloggers, “and anyone interested in discussing science communication, education and literacy on the Web.” On the slate so far are lectures and discussions about promoting…

This time around, we’re talking to Craig Hildreth of The Cheerful Oncologist. What’s your name? Craig Hildreth What do you do when you’re not blogging? I enjoy assassinating cancer cells that have taken nice people hostage. I also read, lift weights, hang out with the family, walk the dog, peruse restaurant menus with a skeptical…

Ask a ScienceBlogger, November 3

What’s the most important local political race to you this year (as a citizen, as a scientist)?

This time around, we’re talking to Mike of Mike the Mad Biologist. What’s your name? Mike the Mad Biologist. What do you do when you’re not blogging? Science. For fun, well, I live in Boston. Museums, great restaurants, beautiful neighborhoods (and people, excepting yours truly). After four years in Long Island, just walking around Boston…