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Hand-picked for your delectation.

From Cognitive Daily, Casual Fridays: Christmas Procrastinators’ Edition.
Christmas is over, but there’s still time for holiday faux-pas. CogDaily readers weigh in on last-minute gift giving: “Are gift certificates appropriate? What about cash? Everyone can use cash, can’t they?”

From Respectful Insolence, A Most Uncomfortable Quesion.
“There’s nothing like being trapped in a small examination room with a 450 lb. woman and three members of her family, with nowhere to run.”

From The World’s Fair, MIT Professor Denied Tenure Will Start a Hunger Strike.
“James Sherley, a biological engineering professor at MIT and a Harvard grad, was recently denied tenure. He’s going on a hunger strike in February if the decision isn’t reversed. ”

From Pure Pedantry, Does knowledge of neuroscience erode the idea of free will?.
The Economist has an article that wonders whether new knowledge into neuroscience and more particularly social pathologies will erode our belief in free will. I roll my eyes every time I read an article like this one, mostly because they tend to express an uniformed view about how the brain works.”

From EvolutionBlog, A Boom in Bible Publishing.
Jason Rosenhouse comments on an article in The New Yorker that casts Bible printing as a booming business.