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Archives for January, 2007

Bueno, No Sano.

I enjoy the occasional chain-store burrito. I consider(ed) them a healthy alternative to traditional fast food. Then I entered my personal burrito preferences into this Chipotle nutrition calculator:

The Truth

Dave Ng and his loyal readers are are propagating their own viral version of the Truth, using a Google bomb campaign to climb Google’s search rankings. It’s not as nefarious as it sounds: Currently, the Truth is #30 in the Google search rankings, up from #300 a week ago. With a little help from you,…

The Joy of Science

Just in time for the Spring semester, ScienceBlogger Zuska has rolled out an online course of sorts. She’s conducting a college-level corse entitled Feminist Theory and the Joy of Science–as professor and student. The course explores science, women, and pleasure. From Zuska’s syllabus: This course explores the existence of pleasure, intellectual excitement, and desire as…

The Redder, the Greedier

Anyone know how to explain this? Story at The Economist. Hat-tip, Evan Priestley.

It’s Hard to Be King

If you were king for a day (or President for a century), could you slow the course of climate change? This Flash game from the BBC challenges you to create a carbon-neutral future, while still maintaining your coffers–and your presidency. With international carbon-reduction treaties to contend with, and policy suggestions like, “Privatize Electricity”, it takes…

The Greening of the Closet?

The New York Times reports on a Cambridge University study which argues that the manufacture and purchase of new clothing — particularly given today’s rapid-cycling fashion trends, and the throwaway clothes culture they’ve enabled — drives significant carbon emissions. Consumers’ penchant for new clothes, in other words, is becoming an environmental threat. Hand-me-down clothing, the…

Waiting to Exhale

Watch as births, deaths, and CO2 emissions mount worldwide, in real time, at BreathingEarth.

Mind the GDP, I Mean, the Gap

Over at Retrospectacle, there was some discussion about whether the richest countries were the most polluting countries. This little tool from Google has an answer, and so much more. The US is represented by the large yellow circle in the (predictably) upper-right corner. Most European countries are in the upper right corner, too, although the…

It Came From the Lab

Flickr user estherase presents two views on labware: lyrically beautiful, and…another way, beneath the fold.

Animals of the Ocean: In Particular the Giant Squid By Dr. and Mr. Doris Haggis-on-Whey McSweeney’s Books 64 pages $18 “You have purchased this book and now you will learn. My name is Dr. Haggis-on-Whey and I am a scientist. I will not pretend to be your friend. We are here to study animals of…