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Archives for January, 2007

Air Pollution, Over Time.

Power Washing 188 Suffolk Street, East Village, New York, NY. Captured by Trevor Little. (Source). Hat-tip, Seth.

ScienceBlogs Turns One

ScienceBlogs went live for the first time on January 11th, 2006. The Way Way Back Machine recalls our very first (full) day. Thanks, everyone!

iPhone Unveiled; Blogosphere Swoons

Question: What’s sleek, as multi-functional as a digital Swiss Army knife, available in June for “as little as” a cool $499, and sure to be coveted by a technophile near you? Answer: It’s the iPhone, of course. Check out what ScienceBloggers Bora, Dave, Josh, and David have to say about it.

Science education + sixties mod design sense = funkily compelling artwork from the inside of a childrens’ biology book. Captured by Mohawk, a photographer and Flickr user from Liverpool, UK. (Source)

Andromeda’s halo, and other galactic marvels, brought to you by Dynamics of Cats.

Children of Men

There’s a new Clive Owen movie out called Children of Men. It’s based on the book by P.D. James, and although the two have little else in common, they do share the same basic premise: humankind suddenly becomes infertile and is faced with its own slow, inevitable extinction.

A Psychology Today article linked from today’s edition of Arts & Letters Daily,entitled “The Loopy Logic of Love,” discusses the mental tricks that lovers play when evaluating a potential mate. The article’s author, Kaja Perina, writes that men and women in the first flower of a relationship delude themselves in typically gender-specific ways. Men overestimate…

Since moving to New York, I’ve been having trouble breathing. Is city air pollution to blame? Source: European Space Agency. The above image shows atmospheric nitrogen dioxide concentrations worldwide. Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is a mainly man-made gas, produced by the usual suspects: power plants, transportation, industry, and biomass burning. Lightning in the air, and microbes…

The Climes, They Are A-Changin’

New maps put out by the National Arbor Day Foundation, depicting plant “hardiness zones” that gardeners use as a guideline for figuring out which species they can plant, and how early, shows evidence of real climate change in the United States over the past 15 years. Has your region changed? Don’t miss the Foundation’s animation…

John Candy Would Approve

Calculate your CO2 emissions by plane, train, or automobile. Here’s a puzzler for the greenhouse gas enthusiasts among you: According to this calculator, car and airplane emissions even out over progressively longer trips, despite the obvious weaknesses of an as-the-crow-flies methodology (see above; we’re driving through Lake Erie). Is this trend real? Is there actually…