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Podcasting Kilimanjaro

Tune in to daily podcasts from the route up Mount Kilimanjaro, the world’s tallest free-standing mountain and, at 19,340 feet, the highest peak in Africa.

Hosted at, the series is following day-by-day progress of a team made up by:

  • Will Cross, mountaineer and traveler
  • Jimmy Gould, Seed board member
  • Jo Anderson, environmental biologist
  • i-aa76becd1590eab5cd6f2e13fafe69bb-375433489_8ac6116e85.jpg

    The team will be producing a new, three-to-six minute ‘cast each day and, conditions permitting, posting them to the trek homepage as they’re created. The group plans to reach Uhuru Peak—Kili’s summit—on Thursday, February 15th.

    Kilimanjaro image from Flickr/philyook