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Transmutation, Mount Washington Style.

Manhattan was besieged by a fusillade of ice pellets this morning. Weather like this always makes me think of home.

Meteorologists at the Mount Washington Weather Observatory are known for the weather-related antics they devise to entertain themselves during eight-day winter shifts at the Obs. Now, thanks to YouTube, their pranks are available for public consumption.

Here, Ryan Knapp and John Salge make use of the World’s Worst Weather (Temp: -22F, Winchill: -68F) to turn boiling water into snow–before the water even hits the ground.


  1. #1 joltvotla
    February 15, 2007

    It must be easy to make slushies there.
    Nice vid, thanks for sharing!

    — jolt

  2. #2 pjm
    February 15, 2007

    Sarah, in that wind, I don’t think water is likely to hit the ground until it’s in the next county at least.

    My next thought was, how does one keep a warm beverage warm up there? (Obvious answer: stay inside…)

  3. #3 Sarah Dasher
    February 15, 2007


    A Thermos, dude. Normal waterbottles you have to carry upside down, or the mouth freezes over in about ten minutes.

    Water, water, everywhere…