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March Madness, Science Style

This just deserved a greater calling-out: the evil geniuses over at The World’s Fair have put together a “Science Spring Showdown”, aka “the thinking person’s ccomplement to the NCAA tournament!”

Take a look at the brackets, and thrill to such potential match-ups/epic battles as ‘Darwin vs Jesus,’ ‘Caffeine vs High-speed internet,’ and ‘Fossil fuels vs Logic.’ How are these rivalries going to get decided? Ben and Dave might have no idea, but that’s all part of the fun. Head over there for a PDF of the bracket, fill it out, tape it to your computer and play along all spring.



  1. #1 BRC
    March 13, 2007

    while technically true, yes, Dave and I have no idea how these games will be decided, it’s more accurate to note that we just can’t tell how much hustle a lot of these teams will show and how much heart they’ll leave out there on the court. plus, with the coaching and conditioning these days, it might just come down to who wants to win it more, right?