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Photos from the Beyond

New York’s American Museum of Natural History presents Beyond, a new IMAX show of 30 tweaked–and stunning!–space photos. Michael Benson, the brains behind the exhibit, spent years browsing the digital archives from NASA and the European Space Agency, selecting photos from Mars, Venus, and Jupiter’s moons, Europa and Io. He enhanced the photos to highlight exotic features of these faraway landscapes, like Europa’s frozen plains and the lava flows of Venus.

As Beyond‘s website describes:

Bringing together science and art, Benson asks us to consider questions of life in the universe, the past and future of our own planet, and simply, the beauty of alien landscapes.

The exhibit, curated by renowned astronomer Neil DeGrasse Tyson, will run in the IMAX gallery at the AMNH until April 6, 2008.

Io: Jupiter’s moon Io has no impact craters, an indication that the moon’s surface is very young. Most of the features visible in this image are volcanoes. Io’s surface is consistently being reshaped by volcanic activity. Illustration based on drawing by Miha Tursic/ASOBI.