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IPCC Confirms: Sky IS Falling.

2050: Warming temperatures melt the glaciers off Kilimanjaro (and other equatorial mountains).

2100: Climate change drives a quarter of all plant and animal species to extinction.

2200: Melting ice changes the distribution of Earth’s mass enough to actually speed the rotation of the Earth.


Dengue fever erupts worldwide! Coney Island washes into the sea! trawled the IPCC reports, NASA and World Bank documents, and Geophysical Research Letters for climate change predictions both ominous and whimsical.

Sure, it may sound like alarmism–but it’s alarmism of the highest academic distinction.

Best of all, LiveScience lists the findings in timeline format, for easy disgestion.



  1. #1 Bill Luxi
    April 30, 2007

    That’s straightline extrapolation from incomplete data. It’s bound to take you somewhere else than likely territory. But hang on for the ride, cause climate-sci’s gonna take a wild and exhilarating boost.