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Beer in Zero Gravity

Last Friday, NASA released a report on astronaut health care that revealed two incidents of on-the-job alcohol abuse. Even though NASA rules forbid drinking alcohol while in orbit, a New Scientist article published online on Tuesday suggests that a few astronauts have done it (including Buzz Aldrin, who sipped communion wine from a chalice after…

Capturing the Small

For 34 years, Nikon has sponsored the “Small World” photomicrography competition to showcase, as they put it, “the beauty and complexity of life as seen through the light microscope.”

Rat Like Me

We city dwellers tend to shudder at the sight of the beady-eyed, black rat. Its kind invades our subways, trash cans, and water systems and may carry dangerous diseases.

This time around we’re talking to marine biologist, band chick and political junkie Sheril Kirshenbaum, Chris Mooney’s new co-blogger at The Intersection. What’s your name? Sheril Rose Kirshenbaum

Welcome, Angry Toxicologist

Please welcome the newest addition to ScienceBlogs, Angry Toxicologist. As the Toxicologist says in an introductory post, I am a Ph.D. scientist in the public health sector with a good amount of toxicology and regulatory knowledge. I’m not going to be dishing about projects I am privy to, but I am much freer to make…

Galaxy Zoo

Mapping the universe wouldn’t be possible without technological marvels like the Hubble Telescope. But a new census of one million galaxies also requires the talents of the human eye. Last week, astronomers from the University of Oxford, the University of Portsmouth and Johns Hopkins University launched the Galaxy Zoo project, a website that showcases stunning…

Making the Cover of Seed

In this video by Seed video producer Jacob Klein, Seed‘s art director, Adam Billyeald, narrates the creation of the cover art for the August 2007 issue of Seed—from special E. coli-covered stamps and an agar-filled petri dish. The cover art hails author and ScienceBlogger Carl Zimmer‘s feature article, “The Meaning of Life.”

An Interview With Dr. Signout

This time we sat down with the ever-elusive Dr. Signout, of Signout. What’s your name? Ooooh. Sorry, can’t tell you that.

On July 1, ScienceBlogs welcomed a new addition: Neurophilosophy, by Moheb Costandi. Science writer, Englishman, and former student of developmental neurobiology (and future student of neuroscience) Costandi covers all matters brain-related, with special attention to good stories from history. Recent posts at Neurophilosophy discuss Dostoevsky’s epilepsy and the extraordinary case of Phineas Gage, whose nearly-fatal…

This time around, Page 3.14 interviews the ever-moving Chris Mooney, Seed Washington Correspondent and blogger at The Intersection and Speaking Science 2.0. Mooney’s new book about hurricanes and global warming, Storm World, hit bookstore shelves on Sunday. What’s your name? Christopher Cole Mooney. Aka Chris Mooney.