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i-7ac84f8782579a6ba3bf10ae45ca2b3c-branes.jpgOn July 1, ScienceBlogs welcomed a new addition: Neurophilosophy, by Moheb Costandi.

Science writer, Englishman, and former student of developmental neurobiology (and future student of neuroscience) Costandi covers all matters brain-related, with special attention to good stories from history. Recent posts at Neurophilosophy discuss Dostoevsky’s epilepsy and the extraordinary case of Phineas Gage, whose nearly-fatal 1848 injury by a piece of railroad equipment turned him into a neurological curiosity as fascinating as those brought to the page by Oliver Sacks.

Head over and say hello. Don’t forget to admire Neurophilosophy’s five roating blog headers; my favorite is a spoof of an art deco-era patent medicine label.

Image: New York Public Library Digital Collections