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Why, Thank You! We Like the Times, Too.

i-aa6ba63dc8adf8ab3c67a6c6420636a1-newspapers.jpgFlattering news from elsewhere on the web: The New York Times has just launched a beta version of My Times, a personalizable homepage feature that allows users to mix their favorite Times content with widgetized utilities and news and entertainment items from around the internet.

One of the niftiest features is the Times Journalists’ Selections—recommended web content from beloved Times reporters and columnists.

It would be nifty even if the Journalists’ Selections didn’t include a handful of ScienceBlogs. Times science reporter Kenneth Chang likes Good Math, Bad Math and Pharyngula; science reporter Andrew Revkin reads The Scientific Activist and The Intersection.

Thanks, guys—we like your stuff, too!


  1. #1 Texas Reader
    August 23, 2007

    The link to “The Intersection” does not work.

  2. #2 katherine sharpe
    August 23, 2007


  3. #3 Dave Munger
    August 24, 2007

    The link to The Scientific Activist on the NY Times site points to Nick’s old site, not the new ScienceBlogs Blog. Whoops!