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Archives for September, 2007

Prehistoric Dental Hygiene

Our Neanderthal ancestors probably cleaned their teeth, Spanish newspaper El Pais reported recently.

New Blog Alert: A Few Things Ill Considered

Put your hands together and give a warm (ahem) welcome to A Few Things Ill Considered, the climate blog of Coby Beck. Before coming to ScienceBlogs, Coby had been blogging for almost two years here; he also writes as’s blog, The Gristmill, and is the author of the famed document “How to Talk to…

Welcome, ScienceWoman!

So lately everybody’s been blogging about the supposed dearth of prominent female science bloggers. In light of this, we at the ScienceBlogs editorial corner are oh-so-pleased to announce our newest scibling, ScienceWoman, a first-year assistant professor in “-ology.” Her blog’s title, On Being a Scientist and a Woman, is sufficiently self-explanatory.

Earlier today, a friend sent me a link to this old-ish post from the excellent history/art/cultural curiosity blog Paleo-Future. It’s a document written by John Elfreth Watkins, Jr., for Ladies’ Home Journal in 1900. It is entitled “What May Happen in the Next Hundred Years.” I couldn’t resist reading the whole thing (see the big…

Our Lucky Stars

A team of astronomers from Cambridge and Caltech recently used a ground-based camera called “Lucky” to take stellar pictures that are much sharper than those taken by the beloved Hubble telescope—and cost 50,000 times less.

DonorsChoose in Doonesbury

I’m a couple days late on this—PZ, as usual, was quicker on the draw—but the always-prescient Doonesbury name-checked DonorsChoose on September 9. Long-time ScienceBlogs readers might remember that around this time last year, the bloggers organized a funding drive through DonorsChoose that netted almost $35,000 for under-funded projects in public school science teachers’ classrooms. This…

Attention ScienceBloggers and science bloggers! Registration is now open for the second annual Science Blogging Conference, to be held on January 19, 2008 in the Research Triangle Park in Durham, North Carolina.