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Science PhotoBlogging of the Week(end)

We’re proud of our new channel homepages, and delighted that they give us a chance to feature cool science photos—so delighted that we thought the cropped versions on the channel pages might not be enough. Here are the glorious full versions of this week’s channel photos.

Have a photo you’d like to send in? Email it to, or assign the tag “sbhomepage” to one of your photos on Flickr. (Note: be sure to assign your photo an “attribution only” or “share and share alike” Creative Commons license so that we can use it.)

First photo here, the rest below the fold.


An aquarium scene, from Flickr, by michaele


Sparks at the Osaka science museum, from Flickr, by JanneM


Wildfire sky, from Flickr, by superfem


“Out of flow,” from Flickr, by fazen


Tokyo Tower & Starbucks, from Flickr, by al-hayat


Al Gore on global warming, from Flickr, by alexdecarvalho


mutation, from Flickr, by woodleywonderworks


mrao telescopes, from Flickr, by mirrorgirl