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DonorsChoose Stats!

Yesterday was the last day to take part in the DonorsChoose challenge. Now the final tallies are ready, and we are super, super proud: ScienceBlogs readers donated $54,335 for 155 classroom projects. With $15,000 in matching funds from Seed Media group, that means our readers put $69,335 toward U.S. science literacy. WooT!

Janet Stemwedel, ScienceBlogs ringleader of the drive, said that she’s “awestruck” at this year’s numbers:

I knew already that ScienceBlogs bloggers and readers were strongly committed to the idea that improving math and science literacy would be a good thing, but it’s heartening that so many of them have stepped up to do something to make this vision a reality for so many kids. Clearly, this isn’t just the internet’s largest conversation about science—it’s the internet’s largest community working to bring the next generation into that conversation.

(We’ll also note, somewhat immodestly, that ScienceBlogs made more than the Stephen Colbert for President committee. Boo-yah.)