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This Week’s Channel Photos

For your weekly viewing pleasure, here are this week’s large-scale versions of the channel photos.

(Have a photo you’d like to send in? Email it to, or assign the tag “sbhomepage” to one of your photos on Flickr. Note: be sure to assign your photo an “attribution only” or “share and share alike” Creative Commons license so that we can use it.)

First photo here, the rest below the fold.

i-fd736ea5c27cb4113d627cddc2c9e11c-greenleaf large.jpg

From Flickr, by josef.stuefer

i-52679ac265a41011db4bdb3a082e8ae5-hydrogen large.jpg

Characteristic spectrum of hydrogen as seen through a diffraction grating, from Flickr, by mirrorgirl

i-692a4fe528dca37a9dd3719bf292285b-windfarm large.jpg

A wind farm, from Flickr, by eurodana

i-f02376238310304dbab178c114efa924-painter large.jpg

“Grand Street painter,” from Flickr, by moriza

i-01cca2372d0af1a03ef26a3e80223692-teacherstudent large.jpg

From Wikimedia Commons

i-ffb17fa36b93306f22f6649a72e86bef-bumper large.jpg

From Flickr, by elroySF

i-562dbe9285a0cd84d98c9b0512445ee7-drugs large.jpg

From the Drug Store Museum in Guthrie, Oklahoma, from Flickr, by KB35


From Flickr, by neurollero

i-2791fffafa870d823bda6bf737ec7c71-clocks large.jpg

Clocks at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers, in Paris, from Flickr, by Thomas Claveirole