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This Week’s Channel Photos

As always, take a gander at the full-size versions of this week’s channel photos.

(Have a photo you’d like to send in? Email it to, or assign the tag “sbhomepage” to one of your photos on Flickr. Note: be sure to assign your photo an “attribution only” or “share and share alike” Creative Commons license so that we can use it.)

First photo here, the rest below the fold.

i-05d22219bfcc41026576bc14e629301a-apes large.jpg

From Flickr, by Brian Switek

i-3ab2bdafdeca4be4404c7d5319170c9b-astrobubble large.jpg

Astronaut Leroy Chiao, and his refracted image in a sphere of water, aboard the International Space Station, from NASA

i-669d77a084805e8c5805f35812fe2257-califires large.jpg

San Diego fires, from Flickr, by TailspinT

i-07d5d9d501f5bfccdd33367d76ce6789-schoolband large.jpg

From Flickr, by ninjapoodles

i-f3be2269c4e171aaaa71634b0e1900d7-markerboard large.jpg

From Flickr, by jurvetson

i-c5dd7b0024375fe04436b433e826071b-supreme large.jpg

From Flickr, by takomabibelot

i-c996f04c1805e13e3f2889cb3f0c1747-Influenza Large.jpg

Transmission electron micrograph of influenza virus particles, from Flickr, by

i-f0ff366b0d3fb213048596aeba795f03-phrenology large.jpg

From Flickr, by Gaetan Lee

i-fcd34498b46d6e5b6da160c892f3522e-Chip Large.jpg

From Flickr, by rodrigo senna