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Channel Photos, Week of Nov. 19 – 25

Feast your eyes on the full-size versions of this week’s channel photos.

(Have a photo you’d like to send in? Email it to, or assign the tag “sbhomepage” to one of your photos on Flickr. Note: be sure to assign your photo an “attribution only” or “share and share alike” Creative Commons license so that we can use it.)

First photo here, the rest below the fold.


Pyrrhosoma nymphula, from Wikimedia Commons, by Luc Viatour


Velcro hooks, from Flickr, by olivepixel


Stump of an elm tree lost to Dutch Elm Disease, from Flickr, by Unhindered by Talent


From Flickr, by emdot


From Flickr, by TailspinT


A blastocyst, five days after fertilization, from Wikimedia Commons


From Flickr, by happysnappr


Neuron-glia interaction, from Flickr, by Khazaei


Up close and personal with an LCD monitor, from Flickr, by Il conte di Luna


  1. #1 Neuro-conservative
    November 21, 2007

    As a daily reader of ScienceBlogs, I am stunned and dismayed by the lack of coverage of the “induced pluripotent stem cell” (iPS) discovery by Yamanaka and Thomson teams.

    It is not at all premature or hyperbolic to say that these researchers have a lock on the Nobel Prize. iPS is truly a revolutionary discovery, probably unparalleled in the last decade in terms of biological and social consequences.

    And yet, out of 100 ScienceBlogs posts in the last 24 hours, only a single blog (Framing Science) even mentioned the finding — and in a politicized context, at that. In that same time period, ScienceBlogs generated an equal number of posts about masturbation, and twice as many posts about saving the whales.

    ScienceBlogs needs to decide whether it is going to be a serious news and analysis source for top-shelf science journalism, or merely another disposable rantblog. A Martian reading this site would conclude that there were only two forms of scientific activity on Earth: political debates with religious figures, and taking pictures of cute animals. I think you can do better.

  2. #2 Anonymous
    December 8, 2009


  3. #3 ramzi
    December 8, 2009

    very good