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ScienceBlogs Latest Posts Widget

Now you can put a handy ScienceBlogs Latest Posts feed on your own website or blog, thanks to a newly minted web widget! This free, constantly-updating widget will let you display up-to-the-minute scientific musings from the ScienceBlogs clan. It was designed by Tim Murtaugh, Seed’s Technology Director, and it looks like this:


Visit Widgetbox to get it for yourself!


  1. #1 Greg Laden
    December 21, 2007

    If you try to get this widget for WordPress, you get a “coming soon” message. But, just “get the code” anyway, and if you put it on a text box widget in your sidebar, it will work.

  2. #2 The Flying Trilobite
    December 21, 2007

    Works great! I’m on blogger, and it took only a couple of minutes to set up. Suh-weet.

    Always happy to promote the fine works on ScienceBlogs sites. And maybe since we’re promoting, please check out how it looks on my site, The Flying Trilobite,

    -Glendon Mellow, FCD

  3. #3 Mike Haubrich, FCD
    December 21, 2007

    So, what do bloggers get in return for the traffic that gets sent to ScienceBlogs?

    Good will, I imagine?

  4. #4 The Flying Trilobite, FCD
    December 22, 2007

    Mike, I was under the impression we received audience tickets to The View, the new Lindsay Lohan cd, and good will toward women to go along with the good will toward men.

    Gold subscribers to this widget get good will toward any two great ape species of their choice -both genders per species!

    I have no basis for these impressions I was given, I merely found them to be implied by the above widget message.

    I have had a lot of sugar today.