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ScienceBlogs at DLD

If you’ve been following along with ScienceBlogs news, you might already know that we’ve teamed up with the German media company Hubert Burda Media to bring you ScienceBlogs’ first sister site,

From January 20-22, Hubert Burda Media held its annual, forward-thinking Digital, Life Design Conference (DLD) at the HVB Forum in Munich.

Seed CEO and Editor-in-Chief Adam Bly was there: after the jump, a few pictures from the proceedings.

i-29a18d9445e2002afef6659800599b30-Adams panel.JPG
From the “Reality Formula” panel, moderated by Adam Bly: Matthew Ritchie, Lisa Randall, Francesca von Habsburg, Hector Parra, Adam Bly.

i-5c53cbd90df2392be773915cf85b520e-Marcel, Adam, Wojcicki, Avey, Craig.JPG
At the ScienceBlogs dinner. Seated, from left to right: Marcel Reichardt, Adam Bly, Anne Wojcicki, Linda Avey, Craig Venter.

i-e0776f10b6ab007e3832b70c046393b5-karte und glas.JPG
ScienceBlogs goodies: Glass test tubes filled with peppermints.

If you read German, you can learn more about the conference here.