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(This guest post was written by Chris Rowan)

It is always a pleasure to welcome a new Scibling into the fold, but I am particularly pleased to celebrate the addition of a fellow rock-hound to the Collective. Maria Brumm of Green Gabbro has used the move as an opportunity to throw off her cloak of pseudonyminity, but despite her claims to the contrary, the blogger formerly known as Yami McMoots will surely continue to provide the geologically flavoured wit and wisdom that we have come to know and love at her old site.

Maria was actually a big factor in inspiring me to blog in the first place: when I was first introduced to the world of blogging she pretty much was the geoblogosphere, and a post plaintively titled ‘Where are all the Earth Science Bloggers?’ was amongst the factors that finally convinced me that I should start ‘Rock Blogging’ myself.

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Don’t worry though, the old maxim about the collective noun for a group of geologists being ‘an argument’ is sure to overcome any lingering respect I have for my blog-mother; before you know it we’ll be snarking at each other over whether the ‘Anthropocene’ is a valid geological division, or how you spell ‘palaeo-‘, and things will degenerate into a bitter rivalry that will only be settled by hammers at dawn. Or possibly consumption of large quantities of alcohol, after which we gang up on all those uppity biologists. For it is a truth universally acknowledged that a good chunk of rock beats squid and other squishy things any day—literally, as well as figuratively.