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Each week we post a new picture and a choice comment from each of our nine channels here at ScienceBlogs on our channel homepages. Now, we’re bringing you the best of the week in daily postings that will highlight individual channels. To kick it off, please enjoy the photo, comment, and a few particularly outstanding posts below:


Life Science. From Flickr, by angela7dreams

Reader comment of the week:

In Who needs sex? – Rotifers import genes from fungi, bacteria and plants, Ed Yong of Not Exactly Rocket Science reports a new finding that bdelloid rotifers, a peculiar freshwater animal known for being the most radiation-resistant organism on the planet, have another remarkable characteristic. Like bacteria, they readily pick up genetic material from foreign species- and not just other animals; their chromosomes contain DNA from fungi, plants and even bacteria themselves.

Reader Ticktockman is a fan:

“Always thought rotifers were neat little buggers. I had no idea just how ingeniously they’ve found a way to proliferate. Very cool.”

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