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Each week we post a new picture and a choice comment from each of our nine channels here at ScienceBlogs on our channel homepages. Now, we’re bringing you the best of the week in daily postings that will highlight individual channels. We’ve already seen great things from the Life Science, Physical Science, Environment, Humanities, Education and Politics channels; below, please check out what we selected from the Medicine & Health channel:


Spreading awareness. From Flickr, by MastaBaba

Reader comment of the week:

In Socializing promotes survival of new nerve cells & may preserve memory, the Neurophilosopher of Neurophilosophy fame reports that in birds exposed to complex social environments, 1-month old neurons in two separate regions of the brain were seen to survive longer than those of birds in an isolated environment; for older, 3-month old neurons, it was the opposite. The findings suggest that younger cells are more valuable in a social environment than cells committed to a certain lineage.

Reader chrisD, however, was worried about what this might mean for his lifelong aspiration:

O noes! I guess I’ll have to give up on that whole ‘being a hermit survivalist’ dream once I retire. Poo.

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