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In this post: the large versions of the Life Science and Physical Science channel photos, comments from readers, and the best posts of the week!


Life Science. Baby birds awaiting a meal. From Flickr, by SuperFantastic


Physical Science. Chemoluminescent luminol. From Flickr, by everyone’s idle

Reader comments of the week:

On the Life Science channel, ERV introduces the pol gene, which codes for all retroviral enzymes, in Intro to ERVs: ENZYMES! The post is the final installment of ERV’s crash course series in endogenous retroviruses.

Reader dreikin liked it so much he wrote:

I have a suspicion that this series is going to make it a bit easier to wait the 3-4 semesters ::sigh:: until I can take virology

Thanks ERV! And let it be known you are my only other idol besides Einstein 🙂 (for when I become famous for using retrovirii to create cool new phenotypes in living humans)

A true fan.

In Ice on Mars, John Lynch of Stranger Fruit posts the picture from the surface of Mars that seems to offer strong evidence of water on the Red Planet.

Reader Cuttlefish was so inspired he penned a short poem:

It’s out of this world! And so very nice,

In the barrens of Mars, to have dug up some ice!

My prediction today? That intrepid explorers

Will soon find the signs of some Naked Ice Borers!

Some other Life Science posts we thought were cool this week were:

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Tree of Death: Do Close Relatives Become Extinct Together?

The dolphin with extra fins, 2 years on

And from the Physical Science channel:

Just in Time For Hurricane Season…

Why do scientific theories work? The inherent problem

Is the Monty Hall Problem Harder than Quantum Mechanics?

Someone Punk’d the CBS Science Desk!

Philosophy and Modern Physics – Request for Comment

Look for highlights from other channels coming up!