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From June 29th through July 4th, 25 Nobel laureates and over 550 young scientists from all over the world are gathering in Lindau, Germany, at the 58th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings. This year’s meeting is dedicated to physics.

Beatrice Lugger, managing editor of, is in Lindau and will be sending her impressions of the meeting daily through July 4. is also running a German-language blog covering the meetings. We will be airing short videos in English, of Nobelists at Lindau on the ScienceBlogs homepage, and archiving them at Page 3.14. Here are the first, second, and third daily dispatches.

And here’s the fourth!:

Florian Freistetter was our chief of astronomy today, and blogged about the day’s astronomy lectures by laureates:

i-7869cc71cba3c68156939938fda78cfd-hubble.jpg435,457,355 Stars
435,457,355 stars had to be measured for the Hubble Space Telescope to function properly. Riccardo Giacconi began today’s lecture series with the history of X-ray astronomy and the Hubble telescope. And he said that, concerning astrophysics, we live in an exceptional transitional period, just like during the time of Kepler, Galileo and Copernicus about 400 years ago.

CSI: Cosmic Scene Investigator
The title of today’s lecture by physics Nobel Prize winner George Smoot was “CSI: Cosmic Scene Investigator.” There are a few hundred billion galaxies in the universe. Where do they come from—and how did they all emerge? Astronomy is fortunate not only to be able to see very distant things, but also objects that come from very far in the past! The farther away a celestial body is, the longer its light takes to reach us. This effect allows scientists to look deep into our universe’s past.

Particle Accelerator and the Superworld
Martinus Veltmann told the story of particle accelerators, and David Gross explained the “superworld.”


Martinus Veltman


David Gross

Bangladesh at Lindau
Laura and Wolfgang have been busy locking around today, talking to young researchers, looking into the books of Lindau and last not least finding a blogger from Bangladesh!. “Bangladesh blogs with us,” they write. Bangladeshi young researchers report on their experiences here at Lindau at the Lindau Bangladesh Participants blog, here.

Four Young Scientists
Laura and Wolfgang also made the acquaintance of four young researchers attending the meetings here at Lindau.

Nicole Killat is 23 and studies technical physics at the Technical University Ilmenau.

Siva Theja Maguluri has something in common with Nobel Laureate Ivar Giaever: Both come via engineering.

Jan comes from Schwaben, Germany, and is working on his PhD in Innsbruck, Austria. Next week, the 23-year-old scientist will have finished it.

Zhanna Santybayeva from Kasachstan dreams of research. She doesn’t want to be a professor, but she thinks science is fun.

The Island of Lindau: History and Views
Finally, Laura and Florian give us some historical views of Lindau, especially the island of Lindau.



  1. #1 Gerges Francis Tawdrous
    July 13, 2008


    Name : Gerges Francis Tawdrous
    Date of Birth : 09-10-1974
    Nationality : Egyptian
    Graduation : bachelor degree of commerce ?Egypt
    Languages : Arabic-English- German-Russian
    Contacts : Telephone : (+202)22550186
    :(+202) 0125198786

    I want to make my research as Master Degree Of Philosophy
    In your university..
    And I need help to guide me in this research?.
    I wrote in the following pages the purpose of the research

    Many thanks for your interest
    Best regards

    Gerges Francis



    It’s my essential question, for which I decided to make this research?
    That because there are many contradictions between our scientific theories and our commonsense! Actually I can’t understand why there are such contradictions.
    For that reason I hope, I can examine our scientific knowledge, to be sure this knowledge is the truth. and specifically I’ll analyze “the Experiment” as a searching & studying method!! .. to be sure if the Experiment is the correct method for searching to define the universe laws in which we live.
    I hope I can reach my Goal.

    I- The truth knowledge is a balanced knowledge which includes the materialistic & metaphysical knowledge.
    II- The Experiment is a wrong method for studying & searching
    1- The Experiment is found before the modern philosophy & mathematics.
    2- The critics against the scientific rationalism of The Experiment.
    3- The Experiment is ineffective method to understand the universe, which is changing continuously.
    4- The Experiment is ineffective method to understand the universe, which consists of many references frames.
    5- The Scientific Experimental results
    a- Unfixed scientific structure of physics
    b- The Invention of the machines
    6- Questions & more Explanations
    III- The using of The Experiment led our world to The general logical mistake of the society.
    1- The results of the general mistake of the society.
    IV- The general conclusion and the suggested studies

    The Proves Of The First Assumption.
    I- The truth knowledge is a balanced knowledge which includes the materialistic & metaphysical knowledge. (Definitions of 7 items)
    1- The natural system:
    The being lives in the world submitted by the natural systems, independently of his willing or desire, in all cases he has to be submitted for the natural systems.
    For simple example, when the being feels hungry, he starts to eat.. so the natural system based on two components (the need + the instinct). The need is the Goal and the instinct is the method.
    2- The science & knowledge.
    The knowledge consists from materialistic & non-materialistic, that because the human (universe) isn’t just body (material)! For that reason we have different kinds of knowledge..
    There’s knowledge about the human body, and it’s materialistic but also there’s knowledge about the human behavior and it’s non-materialistic.
    Although the non-materialistic knowledge is real knowledge, there are difficulties to define it, and for that the materialistic knowledge is more clear than the non-materialistic (metaphysical) knowledge .
    3- The knowledge Goal
    We agreed that, there’s human instinct for knowledge, but the question is, what’s the Goal of this instinct? ?!
    The knowledge instinct goal is the knowing of the correct knowledge of the natural systems, that because the natural systems help the human and protect him, now when the human understands perfectly the natural systems he will live in right way.. For simple example, if I don’t know the Fire will burn me, may I will die by Fire? but when I know , I will avoid it, and in such way the natural systems protect me.
    4- The natural knowledge is balanced knowledge
    Where the natural system consists from materialistic & non-materialistic, so the natural knowledge is balanced between these two components.
    That’s clear, when I try to understand the human, I will study his body and his behavior, two different components of knowledge! So we find in our life, knowledge about mechanical sectors (materialistic) and knowledge about painting, music ?etc (metaphysical)?
    In such way we can see the different kinds of knowledge.
    Actually If I studied just the being body, even perfectly without his soul I’ll not get the correct understanding about the being (I will get the untruth knowledge) that because the being is not just material!
    The general mistake of society, is the mistake which is made by every one in the society without any objections and without any try to correct it.
    So every body accepts this mistake as it’s real and correct , and no one try to object against this mistake.
    In human history there are some examples of the general mistake of society ( may even for all the world in the same), I show some of them as following:
    a. The neglecting of the education process, and even preventing the education in all the world during the middle ages.
    b. The Feudalism & Colonialism which were found during the middle ages till our modern time.
    c. The first & second world wars, where the wars were the willing of all people in the world.
    d. The persecution against the Christianity spreading in the first centuries after Christ.
    Actually these were just examples, and in the human history we can find easily thousands of the General Mistakes of all societies (and may even for all the world) which are registered in the human history as human experiences during the history (that because the people during the general mistake period didn’t know this was general mistake of society).
    6- The General Mistake in our modern society (The materialistic Society).
    Any simple comparison between our society and the ancient civilizations societies.. will indicate directly to that, we have more materialistic effect in our life. I can refer to some proves from the history.
    ? The ancient Egyptians interested for the life after death, and built their most buildings for this purpose.
    ? All the ancient civilizations interested completely for the music, painting , sculpturing, worshipping (even before the religions which we know now).
    ? The seeking of knowledge itself as a goal.
    ? The person who enjoys by reading, music, painting ..etc doesn’t need much money to be happy? but we need much money because our entertainment started from the materials.
    ? Where we enjoy by the materials, we neglect the training & learning of the music, painting , reading, praying ?etc which were very important through the human history.
    So it’s clear, that we are more materialistic than any other societies in the human history.
    7- The materialistic effect setting up from the knowledge.
    This point should be clear.. more knowledge means more progress that means more technical machines and more materialistic.. !
    Surely I don’t want to stop the progress!! But I just refer to our kind of progress.. This is our progress in our modern civilization? that’s the result of our knowledge? and the characteristic of our civilization.. more progress (more knowledge) means more materialistic?. !
    That means, the experiment is found without any scientific basics (before the modern philosophy and modern mathematics)! I can refer to some historical proves as following.
    a- The experiment started by Ibn al-Haytham (an Arabic scientist) in 970 A.C while the modern mathematics started by Gauss around 1800 A.C, and the modern philosophy by Kant around 1750 A.C.
    b- The Experiment started in the industry sector without any kind of studying to analyze this Experiment. And so the industrial products appeared without any scientific basics, for examples
    ? 1180 Windmills in Europe
    ? The first production of mechanical clocks was around 1250 ac.
    ? Roger Bacon 1249 gives the most previous European prescription for the powder, Bacon also (1214-1294) performed and described various experiments, which were for a time claimed as the first instances of true experimental science.
    ? The compass was known in Europe in the late 12th century
    ? 1286 Eyeglasses invented in Europe
    ? 1300 Turning wheels they found in Europe
    ? 1440 The invention of Printing machine by Johannes Of Gutenberg
    ? the invention of rifle in Europe 1450
    ? Francis Bacon (1561-1626), an early advocate of file empirical method, upon which the scientific revolution was based, attributed Western Europe’s early modern take-off to three things in particular: printing, the compass, and gunpowder
    ? The invention of Telescope (Galileo Galily 1589)
    ? The first Microscope 1609
    ? Automatic calculator: Wilhelm 1642
    ? Barometer: invented in 1645
    ? The vacuum pump: Otto von Guericke 1657
    ? Piston steam engine: Thomas Newcomen 1709
    ? The lightning rod were produced by Benjamin Franklin around 1750.
    ? The first Train by George Stephenson (1781-1841)
    From the previous points (which are just examples) we can conclude the following:
    ? The Experiment started in the industry sector, and the experiment caused hundreds of the new industries & products before and during the Middle Ages.
    ? BEFORE AND DURING THE MIDDLE AGES there were many new industries and products which are invented in this period, for that reason we can find many new industries, even I can pretend may there’s one new invented industry each 20 years before and during the middle ages, which was never found in the ancient civilizations, where the industries were fixed for hundreds years, and that means the industry used the experiment to invent the new industries & products before and during the Middle Ages!!!
    c- The new mathematics is established by Gauss (around 1800 ) and the new philosophy is established by Kant around 1750 (after the experiment by around 800 years)!!
    After Newton discovered his gravitational Law, he couldn’t publish his Law because he has no mathematical form to format this law !!
    And after around 20 years, after Newton himself invented the deferential equations, He could publish his Law..
    Now this is proof that, there was weak mathematics before Gauss, and the experiment produced the machines & products without any Scientific Basics.
    It’s important also to look at Coulomb Law, which was just similar for Newton law (also in deferential equation) while coulomb law was after Newton by 120 years ? IT’S ANOTHER PROOF of the weakness of mathematics which continued after Newton for 120 years.
    Also The Robert Boly Law of gases, formed in deferential equation just similar for the previous two laws.
    That means, the mathematics were weak and after Newton invented the differential equations no one try to make mathematics progress till Gauss established our modern mathematics.
    Conclusion: the Experiment started in the industry sector before all the scientific basics by around 800 years. Where the scientific basics (philosophy & mathematics) are guided -at least- by the experiment.

    IN THE BOOK ” the origins of scientific thoughts “, the author “Giorgio de Santillana” refers to the definition of scientific rationalism as following:
    “whatever can be deduced necessarily from premises that we consider true will be found sometime, somewhere , somehow, to exist. This is the mainspring of discovery..”
    Now I need explain my idea using following example.
    Suppose Once, the doctor studied his patient heart through the direct seeing by surgery, and he formed a theory for the blood movement from the heart into the brain, and he deduced the arteries places in the brain which carry the blood from the heart, but this deduction was just theoretical, he didn’t see the brain, he saw just the heart real but made conclusion for his theory of the blood movement into the brain just theoretically?and when he opened the brain to see the arteries places he found that his theory was right! And his predictions were correct also!!
    Now we have true premises , and correct theory and predictions depend on this theory and proved correctly by the Experiment..!!

    Any way The Resulted Knowledge Is Not TRUTH because this process can’t distinguish between the Living being And The Dead One. which means this way of studying is wrong and misguide us!!!

    we find this problem because the being isn’t just body! The living person has another component in addition to the dead one (the dead just body but the living body and soul)!!
    Now the material part is logical and normally true premises can lead to a correct theory and to correct predictions depend on this theory and through the experiments can prove this predictions, but all that just the material part of the being, and this studying method doesn’t define the correct system of being.

    Now it’s clear for us that the experiment can’t see the difference between the living and the dead being.. for that reason there’s problem for Death Definition in the world!! And through all our technical devices we have serious problems to know when the patient become dead!

    The Experiment is not effective to define the non-materialistic part of the natural system. For that the experiment is not qualified to define the natural systems laws.


    1- The universe is changing with time continuously!
    In each moment we got this changing and every thing in the universe around us!! for that the time is dimension in our mind and in our logic.. For example, someone has child, he thinks this child will be human after 20 years, then he feeds this child-now- and educate him because he will be human-after 20 years-, it?s not real-now- but it will be in the future and The person accepts this idea as real because he thinks the time is real dimension in our life and also in our logic.

    But what about the Experiment?!, which is just one timeless photo? How we can trust it ?!
    The universe is changing continuously? now I can write the universe equation as (dU/dt ) where U is the universe itself?
    How can the Experiment see the universe laws?
    The experiment sees just photo has no time and for that reason the experiment sees just one timeless seen of the changing Universe (in dt where t?0)!!
    How we realize the knowledge generally?
    Through the seeing, hearing, touching?etc we got different photos about the object (being)? now these photos are just non-timely pictures for this object?
    But our minds collects this huge number of photos which got in different positions and in different moments for the object (universe) together in logical way- where our logic includes the time as dimension of our life – so we can define the truth natural system.
    So the one timeless photo isn’t the only source of knowledge, we get these timeless photos and form the natural system structure through the logical mind. Actually we live in the world through this commonsense or the logical mind.. without which we can’t live?
    I want to say the direct acceptance of the timeless photo as knowledge source of the natural system isn’t found in our mind and no one use it, so the science which depends on the direct timeless photo knowledge is just naive materialism (so said Gorgias) .
    When we try to analyze the experiment as a method for studying & definition the universe laws, we will have serious problem!!
    That because the scientists use creative systems to define the universe laws ?these systems are not changing with the time!!
    For example, Coulomb used an electrical circuit to define the electricity law! Now we know that the universe is changing continuously? and the electricity is energy in the universe! So normally it’s changing with the universe!!
    But the Coulomb circuit by which he defined the electricity law was fixed and had no change with the time!! Why this circuit express the truth law of the electricity?!!
    But the point is clear now ?.the natural systems are changing (and all the universe) but the scientific creative systems which the scientists use for definition of the universe laws are fixed and don’t change with time!! The question is why these creative systems express the truth universe laws?!!

    Conclusion: The Experiment can’t define the laws of universe (the natural systems) because the universe is changing with time but the experiment is just timeless seen of the progress process.

    The Frames References Interaction
    Special relativity tells us that, there are many different references frames in our universe, although they are not known through our daily experiences! The physics laws are correct for all these frames. But we need Lorenz transformation equations to transform from one frame into another. But all these frames are found together in our universe.
    for example, I’m person move by very low velocity (in comparison with C) so I move in my reference frame which I will call ( frame A= material frame) and the Light beside me travel in velocity C so he travels in another reference frame which I will call frame B (the energy frame). So our universe contains all these frames together.
    Also the human himself contains several frames together because he has body and it’s material (frame A) and he has electromagnetic waves in his brain and nervous system and it’s energy (Frame B), so he contains many frames together. According to our daily experience we understand the materials correctly but we can’t understand the energy and for that we don’t feel the waves in our body and don’t feel the waves in vacuum around us.
    Case 1: for example we can study “A Table”
    This table consists of some materials in specific form, but we can see the table
    Q1: How we can see the Table ? The light falls on the table and reflects to our eyes and then we see the table. In more details, according to the quantum theory, the light (photons) fall on the table atoms causes excitations for the electrons in different levels in atoms that causes transfer the electrons in higher levels and then return to their levels losing photons which are the reflected light! Actually the atomic structure of table is not our aim here, that because this structure depends on the physics theories, for that this structure may change according to its interpretation’s theories, that’s not equal to the reflected light from the table, where the reflected lights is just real component for the table that because without this reflected light we can’t see the table. The table consists from the material (whatever is it) + The reflected light (which is specific for each material) Now, when someone look at this table what will happen?! The table material doesn’t move in relative to him but the reflected light traveled by C in relative to him, If this person use the experiment -which depends on his senses and his daily experience to define the laws that control this table- he will get the incorrect knowledge!.
    We can see that in the following figure.
    The observer O can define the laws at point M (material frame-A), but he can’t define the laws at point E (energy frame-B) where the observer is material and he use his materialistic tools. And each time he repeats his experiment he will just get the same result.
    Now the laws of the material frame (low velocity) are different from the laws of energy frame (C velocity).
    Where the system EM just one system contains many reference frames (as the human contain body-material- and electromagnetic waves ?energy and for that he contains two different types of physics laws).
    An Applied Case for this theory:
    FIRSTLY: In The shown figure we see the coulomb charge q for which he defined the Electric field Law E. (for distance r)
    Now the light (photon= h?) fall one the point charge q and then the light reflected (photon h?) from this point?
    Now we have Two Electric Flied.
    The first electric Flied is the static Flied (the electric filed of the charge), and the second field is the dynamic Filed (the electromagnetic field of the Light) , between them we need the Lorenz equations..
    Any way The total electric filed ET= Es+Ed
    Where Es (the static electric field) and Ed (the light electromagnetic field)
    Now when coulomb made his experiment, he thought that the ET= Es where he didn’t know that the light is electromagnetic wave, and for that his conclusion from his experiment was wrong!!
    Now I can suggest the following experiment:
    If we repeat the Millikan oil-drop experiment in darkness we will get different results from the experiment normal state.. and that means coulomb (Millikan) got the wrong results from his experiment..
    In such way we will get concrete proof for the misguiding of our knowledge by the experiment.
    Secondly: Where the scientists don’t define the elements which they use in their experiments, they can’t get the right answer for their experiments.. as we saw in Millikan experiment, where they didn’t know the reflected light has electromagnetic flied? Now before any experiment we should define all the components, which we’ll use!!!
    Q1: what will happen if we put the table in darkness and the observer examine it through the touches? In this case the table will be just material without the light component?
    Firstly, I need to refer to that the universe is changing with the time. Putting the table in darkness is abnormal position, that doesn’t consider our world because our normal case is the founding in normal light, but in that case the table will be just material, and the studying which depend on the daily experience through the experiment will discover just the material which is not changed, and the researcher will got the same knowledge that because his tools can see just the material, In the darkness the table will has changing not equal the changing in the light, but that need long time observation.
    For example the plant die without light, the animal may be ill and so the materials without light will have effects also but the studying of the table isn’t changed. The only change was the table became just material.
    Secondly: we transfer the data from the environment into our brain through the electromagnetic waves, which travel by C velocity, so spacetime for it =0 . that means we took just photo for the object in two dimensions in no time as the photo which is got by the camera (while the object is changing with the time we took just photo in two dimensions without any time and send it into our brain) now the mind arranges these photos in logical way to be clear and near to the original object, so the reorganization process depends on the logical process and not on the timeless two- dimensional photos. From this explanation we can get this conclusion.
    Because the human has electromagnetic waves in his brain, now the knowledge circle between him and the table is not just through material frame, but also through energy frame, and that didn’t change the first case.
    Q2: what’s the problem if we study the table as material and study the light separated from it, as just electromagnetic waves not connected with the material.?
    From our physics knowledge, we now that the electron behaves in the atom in such behaviour which is different from his behaviour as free electron, the comparison between photoelectric effect and Competon effect proved this idea.
    The light is a component of the object and the material with the light consists just one system. We need to study the system as a whole one but the problem is our method which we use for studying (The experiment) can’t see the second part of the system.
    Actually the previous case was just example for what’s happening actually in the universe, that because the electromagnetic waves spread in the universe continuously, in human, animal, materials?etc!! For that the experiment just deceives us and gives the incorrect knowledge.

    Now I need to examine the results of the Experiment as searching method!
    We have Two results of the searching process, which use the experiment during more than 800 years
    These results are?
    a- Unfixed scientific structure of physics
    b- Invention of the machines

    a- Unfixed scientific structure of physics
    Actually there are no Fixed Laws in our physics in spite of the Natural Laws are fixed!!
    We change our physics laws always! And we have no stability in our scientific structure of physics!!
    for example
    1- The Newton Laws about The gravitational Force are wrong because Einstein proved that through his relativity!! In which he proved also Maxwell?s ideas about traveling of light was wrong !!
    2- Similar for that the ideas of Faraday, Thomson, Nils Bohr, ..etc, all of them just wrong ideas because other scientists came after them and proved that, their ideas were wrong.
    3- Even there are some scientists now suggests that the light is particles, which we thought it’s wave from the Maxwell time!!! And other showed that there?s waves travel fast more than C velocity which was fixed through Einstein!! I don?t need to tell the history of physics, but we should ask our selves what natural laws we know now which is correct!! And if we now know more than the people in the Copernicus time!!

    1- Some people think that the fixed natural laws just at the God and no one can reach to them? And other think we are in the progress process of science and may we will reach later?
    2- Some people think all the physics laws are right, Newton laws & Einstein laws are right, but there are cases for Newton and cases for Einstein?
    1- Firstly, the laws should be known by the human, that because the laws control the natural systems, and the natural systems are found to help the human!, for that it?s necessary to know the natural systems! For example when I touch the fire, I feel pains and in such way the system helped me to avoid the hurt, for that reason I need to know correctly what?s the natural system?, for that I can write this sentence ? the truth natural laws must be in our ability range, it?s a part of the universe system!?
    Secondly, about the progress process! I don?t know, just I see we worked hardly to get the truth knowledge in our modern life for more than 800 years, millions of scientists through this period worked hardly and we got no truth from our studying, that means there?s some thing wrong in our studying way.
    a. The real certain result of our modern science is the machines.
    b. In spite of we destroy the nature around us (air, water and land), we trust in our science as if it?s truth!!!
    c. In spite of all the pioneers? laws are proved wrong! No one tried to find another searching method in place of the experiment!
    2- Actually I don’t know why the scientists suppose all the physics laws are right!!! And if the Newton laws were correct, what was the importance of the relativity theory?!! Now the nature is one, when I make law for the velocity, will I make law for low velocity and law for high velocity?!! I will make law for every case, and for every place ..!! it’s not right, all of us know that, the nature is one, and she has one correct fixed law, and we don’t know this law because we are blind guided by the blind experiments.
    It’s the second result of the experiment as the searching method?
    Actually I can’t evaluate the machines? I saw many advantages for machines invention, but also I saw we are involved in materialistic life as a result of our learning way?.
    For that I think, If we get the balanced knowledge, that will lead us to the correct using of the machines which will help the world but avoid the materialistic way of life.

    Q1: are the systems which the scientist made in his experiment are natural systems also, because the human is part of the nature?!
    A1: It?s wrong!! Not every system the human created is natural system, for example, the God made the human man and woman to get normal relationship, so The abnormal relationships wasn’t in the God mind when he created the human, and it?s not natural system!! It?s our evil system! But for example we will not find that among animals, at least the animals follow the natural laws better than the human!!
    Q2: why we should understand the nature, we will create the system which we want?!
    A2: The human is not the Creator for this world!, and even he is ignorant the truth of this world, he needs to learn from the natural systems, actually the human needs to be less pride!!
    Q3: This subject is related to philosophy and not to physics?
    A3: No it?s physics, it?s absolute physics!!
    But this is my basic question which I can’t answer? why we study the physics separate from philosophy?!!!
    The physics is the studying of natural systems? where the philosophy is the understanding of the natural system?
    The physics is the knowledge source but the philosophy is the understanding of this knowledge? now the philosopher who studies philosophy, what’s his knowledge source, if he doesn’t study the natural systems?!! He has no knowledge source?.! Now he should create the knowledge from his mind?. For that we found the illogical ideas of philosophy!! Because they have no knowledge, they made their ideas as chessman playing.. who has the more intelligence idea.. but without knowledge? for that reason the simple people think every scientist should be genius, the intelligence of mind is a part of our playing!!
    But the human who is not intelligent will be ignorant for ever according to this idea!!! It’s unfair ..! the stupid designs will destroy our world!!
    Any way the basic idea here is..
    We should learn from the natural systems, these systems are the knowledge sources, and we need to get this knowledge and for that reason we have this instinct to get knowledge in ourselves, we should learn through the natural systems because they are the source of our knowledge?!
    For that it’s necessary to study the philosophy with physics side by side!!

    III- The using of The Experiment led our world to The general logical mistake of the society.
    The general mistake of society (item 7 of definitions- page 5)
    Where we have general mistake in the society, we interest in materialistic enjoyment- that are supported by the industry & science sectors- and we neglect all the other enjoyment sources! for that reason the modern societies neglect the music, literature, theater, painting ?..etc to support the enjoyment which got through the machines, cars & computers?
    Actually I analyze this! If I enjoy by reading what cost I need for reading?! But when I enjoy by car, I will need more money that means I will need more work!! I have reasons to get more work and more accumulation of money!
    For that reason the capitalism is not the correct economic system in our world, but it?s the only acceptable economic system through our logical thinking which started from the science, which depends on the Experiment!!!
    Where all the supports for the experiment is just support for the economic systems and the industries.
    The Experiment which supports the industry leads this kind of economic system, not just through the machines which we produced but also through the concepts in which we believe, through the changing in our logic!! Even no one now think there?s any other value beside the money!!! That because every value just as money value!! The explanation can be very clear through the analysis of our society?s values and the reason which caused the changing in our societies!.
    For that reason the result in our societies is the responsibility of physics and not any other kind of science!
    That all means the incorrect knowledge causes incorrect result and negative effect on the society, but this negative effect isn?t appeared, that because the people who lead this world and support this system covered this negative effect with the political and historical lies ? and then this system leads us to the catastrophe!

    We have previous examples for this catastrophe, the war in Europe, and then the First World War and the Second World War? I can proof all these wars started just from the incorrect economic system which started from our incorrect logic that depends on our science (physics especially supporting the industry), and the next catastrophe will not be far ? why?
    Because we have very huge supply of Goods (that supporting by the increasing of production in the time cycle) and we have weak general demand because of the increasing of unemployment in the entire world (that because the increasing of automation in our machines- means less workers-) in the world!! So the inflation will start as far as possible?
    To correct this difficult situation, we can’t start from the economic as Marx, it was wrong way!! We need to start for the correctness of our knowledge and then correctness of our logic which will lead us to correct our behavior and our society.

    IV- The general conclusion and the suggested studies
    The experiment and empirical sciences is ineffective method for studying & searching? for that reason the experiments learned us just the materialistic part of our universe neglecting the metaphysical part of it. That caused the general mistake of society and led the society to live in naive materialistic way?!


    1- Proofing in more clear way that, The experiment is ineffective method for searching and studying.
    2- And to find another studying & searching method in place of the experiment which can define the whole natural system.
    3- This research will consider the comparison with the ancient civilizations sciences.. to compare our scientific methods with their scientific methods.
    4- More specifically ” I suggest to study The Light from all knowledge source”
    a. The light at the ancient civilizations
    b. The light in the classical & modern physics
    c. The Light in the philosophy, the theology and other sciences.