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Homeopathy and Mystical Methods
Germany now has its first professor for homeopathy at the Berlin Charité, and the savants argue about the consequences of such an enthronement. Christian argues:

“In principle I would hope the new professorship could help to identify ineffective alternative healing methods and, if so, to inform the public about the sense and nonsense of certain methods.”

At the same time, Ulrich Berger describes a miraculous machine that dries damp basements without electricity and energy and criticizes the use of scientific expressions for the marketing of such “machines.”

“Well, there is a small problem with these Tesla or electromagnetic longitudinal or scalar waves…they do not exist.”

Surface Topologies
It is high time to give attention to Thilo Küssner’s dazzling series in Mathlog which charms with mathematical aesthetic models. In Germany 2008, is the year of mathematics.


Illustrated calculation at its best. Enjoy:

Coffeecup and donut shape

Four colors fit for everything

Different earth views

Eulers’ Polyeder

Handicrafts how to build surfaces with flats

Electromagnetism and steady deformation of curves Has Its Own Podcast
Thomas Wanhoff has a well known German podcast. Now he also looks at and provides us with very nice views into our latest news. You can also download them also on iTunes. Science to go.

Funny Particle Zoo

i-25bd7d48d1da6603e17a7b0b09bfdf89-complete_set_antiparticles.jpgBad luck: These toys are not safety rated for children under five years of age. Good luck: Adults may play with them.

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  1. #1 James Pannozzi
    July 25, 2008

    K Sharpe:
    Homeopathy and mystical? methods.

    I see that you go along with the uninformed innuendo against Homeopathy quite likely without doing any investigation into modern research.

    The science of Homeopathy is quietly getting its theoretical basis, thanks to the high dilution experiments of chemist Louis Rey and materials researcher Rustum Roy and many other dedicated and fully credentialed and qualified researchers – hardly the band of “quacks” and “charlatans” that SOME writers would have you believe.

    The following site may aid to disabuse you of your misconceptions:

    And the following presentation by Dr. Iris Bell, MD, PhD, may perhaps provide you with enough information to temper your innuendo with some facts and some reasonable viewpoints.

    Having updated your knowledge about real Homeopathy instead of the make believe nonsense one invented in the media, nobody will be able to point to your writings and say… “it’s just words”.

    And if that does not convince you, then I’ll be laughing my socks off-
    see comments from him at this site:

    Happy reading!