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In this post: the large versions of the Education & Careers and Politics channel photos, comments from readers, and the best posts of the week.


Politics. A graffitied campaign poster in San Francisco. From Flickr, by shioshvili


Education & Careers. From Flickr, by Jeff Kubina

Reader comments of the week:

On the Education & Careers channel, DrugMonkey shares his thoughts on a subject that’s drawn a lot of recent controversy, in Animals in Research: IACUC Oversight. While the IACUC as a body has the legal responsibility of overseeing animal welfare in research institutions, DrugMonkey insists that each and every person who works with animals is also ethically obligated to report incidents of negligent or cruel animal treatment.

Reader Isis the Scientist appreciated his message:

rugMonkey, I have been humbled a bit this week. A few weeks ago I posted about what a pain it was to have to go through all of thee animal welfare classes. I have always considered myself to be a careful animal user and felt like I was being hassled.

Then this past week I spent some time with some graduate student who are not my own and found myself stepping in on a number of occasions to correct them in their handling and euthanasia technique. These kids weren’t bad folks…they just didn’t know better. It really reminded me that what I take for granted in my own practice is not necessarily standard and the only way we can guarantee the ethical treatment of animals is to keep educating everyone. At at that point I told myself, “Dr. Isis, stop complianing about IACUC school.” I think I will be a more eager advocate…and perhaps this warrants a blog post.

On the Politics channel, Ed Brayton takes issue with John McCain’s Political Chutzpah. The presidential nominee’s negative campaign ads criticize Barack Obama for his supposed “celebrity” and try to paint McCain as the humbler candidate, but Ed points out the ads’ hyprocrisy:

Put out by a man whose net worth is more than $20 million and who owns 8 homes, which is about 20 times that of the opponent he is attacking. Gee, times are sure tough for McCain.

Reader Michael is more concerned as to why Obama’s popularity is depicted as a negative in the first place:

Well, since popularity is now a very bad thing, I think that means that our current President is currently the GREATEST EVER due to his historic unpopularity. What a guy!

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Look for highlights from other channels coming up!