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In this post: the large version of the Medicine & Health channel photo, a comment from a reader, and the best posts of the week.


Gram-stained Bacilli and Cocci bacteria at 1000x magnification. From Flickr, by kaibara87

Reader comment of the week:

You can’t Live forever, says PalMD of denialism blog (who knew?), but some people persist in the mistaken notion that lifestyle choices—a healthy diet, regular exercise—can extend the lives of those living with chronic illnesses without the use of physician-prescribed drugs.

Reader Suricou Raven has her own suggestion for living a long life:

I have a plan for immortality:
1. Live healthy. That gives me up to seventy or so, baring accident or illness.
2. By then, medical technology will have advanced to the point I can probably extend that to around 120.
3. By which point its a century into the future, and I hope there will be some super-science that can handle immortality. Brain-in-a-jar is quite acceptable to me, if hooked up to a good enough interface.

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