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Donors Choose Blog

ScienceBloggers band together. And no, unlike the many parties they’ve been banding together at recently, this time it’s for a good cause:

Donors Choose is a non-profit that provides schools with the specific equipment a particular classroom needs. Rather than rounding up, say, 1000 notebooks, the website lets educators post the exact item(s) they need and the cost. People can then choose to donate or pay for those items, and know they made a direct difference.

Scienceblogs is not only supporting this group, we’re fighting over it. The bloggers are competing to see who’s readers will donate the most, and if there’s one thing that’s fun to watch, it’s bloggers compete. Last year the Sciencebloggers raised almost $73,000, and this time around we hope to raise even more. This is a chance for you, our readers, to not only help children in need, but to help your favorite blogger stick it to his peers. So a take a minute, help a little girl or boy with their science education, and make sure to tell them that Orac sent you. That should show PZ… Anyway, I hope everyone gives at least some money. Good luck to the bloggers, and let’s go make a difference.